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Fold People think it’s just something Japanese people or little kids do. It’s not. Ever since I saw that video advertising the Origami Club at my school in Grade 3, I have been interested in origami. I was appalled that after Grade 3, there was no more Origami Club. Since I was just starting to like origami, I decided that I would continue folding paper. Ever since then, I have visited the grade school library often to seek out books on origami. Luckily, there were some books on origami and each one had a multitude of projects to fold. For the next two years, I practiced making many boxes and modular designs. My mom noticed my interest in origami so she bought me a book with instructions for different models that became more and more complex as I progressed. I soon finished the book and went on to thicker books with more complex models. Not long after that, I discovered the origami community on YouTube and began watching videos from different folders to create some of my best works.…show more content…
Modular origami and kusudamas are made from multiple pieces of paper folded into units that are interlocking or glued together, requiring much repetition and patience. Repetition would also be required in making tessellations but it would be on a much easier scale because the folds of a tessellation are done on a single sheet of paper. There are also single sheet models that follow the style of traditional origami (single-sheet, no cuts) such as stars and a variety of objects. Models can range from the simplest animals and flowers to some of the most complex objects such as the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock by Robert
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