Stockholm Syndrome Essay

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I was inspired to share about Stockholm syndrome because my mother and I were victims of domestic violence, we have seen and experienced what it is like to live in a household with violence and abuse. I’d be lying if I said that, to this day we don’t justify the circumstances we went through, which is why it proves that we suffered from Stockholm syndrome. Stockholm syndrome is a term used to describe the unconscious emotional response a victim has towards their abuser (Vecchi, Hasselt, Romano 2007, 92). We sympathized the abuser for various reasons. People in abusive relationships sometimes tend to have empathy on the abuser or has a sense of dependency on the abusive partner to stay with him , which can be symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome…show more content…
We have read an articulated format of the symptoms of Stockholm syndrome, and how a victim would feel when they are unable to escape the abusive relationship. The physical and psychological threats directed at the captive, the legal matters that bind the victim from leaving the harmful relationship, the perception of being loved by the offender and being isolated from everyone are some of the symptoms a person suffering from Stockholm syndrome can have. If a person shows these type of symptoms he needs to speak somebody about the situation and seek for help. In conclusion, being a survivor of Stockholm syndrome I can now say that seeking for help and sharing my story with someone was the best solution. Experiencing it in the eyes of my mother and looking at how she handled her circumstances, makes me stronger to handle the situation in a better way, my advice to others who go through this syndrome is to be strong, and to know that you don’t need to depend on anybody to survive especially if that person is abusive. Lastly, do not be afraid to ask for help if the situation gets worse, after all we are all human and we need guidance in our life at some

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