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Technology plays a substantial part in the world today, it is everywhere, even when we do not realize it. As the years go on, more technology is being generated and/or advanced. Technology is something my peers and I grew up around, we do not know what things are like without it. It can be hard for one to notice the usage of technology in society because it is what seems to be normal. Cell phones now play a vast role of technology in society, many people own one. After taking a day to observe my usage of technology, I quickly began to see that my phone was the device I used the most. Out of a total of three hours and forty-three minutes of technology usage in one day, an hour and fifty-three minutes were taken up by my cell phone. That is over half of my time using technology, I do not go anywhere without my phone, I constantly feel the need to have it with me, it is habitual. I also took a look at my school and noticed just how much schools are incorporating technology in with education. There are so many online classes and some regular classes even incorporate the internet into lessons.
Stepping away from all electronic devices was never a
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This device is always in my possession and not being able to get on it, really changed things that day. The least difficult part of not being allowed on my phone was when I was cheering because I can never be on it when I’m cheering, so it was not anything new. However, it was most difficult to not be on my cell phone on the bus ride to the other school for the game. On the average day when we are traveling on a school bus I normally listen to music and text friends. So I had to adjust to the new circumstances. In order to do so, I became more social with the other cheerleaders and even took a nap on the way home. The lack of technology usage that day forced me to get out of my comfort zone and interact more with the real
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