Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

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The Bermuda Triangle and its Mysteries
Whirlpools, aliens, and atlantis oh my ; those are some of the many things they are lurking in the bermuda triangle. The bermuda triangle is a certain section of water that is claimed to have sunken many ships and plane between its borders. There are many speculations about why these disappearances keep happening in this part of the ocean. And there has been mysteries surrounding this body of water called the bermuda triangle.

Although almost everyone has heard of the Bermuda Triangle and the mysteries that have shocked people. While there are different opinions on this,but in the 1974 Charles Berlitz is one of the people that helped make the Bermuda Triangle what it is today (What is the Bermuda Triangle
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The science says that the Bermuda Triangle has compass variation, that an area where the compass doesn 't point true north and the only other place that has this is the the Devil’s Sea ( The Bermuda Triangle 229). Also science has shown that the disappearances in that area in not abnormal in any way and can mostly be explained ( The Bermuda Triangle 230). All this information can show that the Bermuda Triangle might have nothing unusual about it. And “ the information published about the Bermuda Triangle over the years has been inaccurate and makes many of the disappearances seem more mysterious they really were” (Netzley 2). But people still read Charles Berlitz 1974 The Bermuda Triangle even though its full of lies. Then the USGS stated there wasn’t any eruptions in or near the triangle in many years (Bermuda Triangle “Gale” 2). So that marks out a number of theories. To clarify the Bermuda Triangle seems to not be unique from any other part of the Atlantic…show more content…
There are so many unsolved mysteries because of the bermuda triangle like the Douglas DC-3 that was lost flying from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Miami. None of the people or parts were salvaged in the wrecked ( Bermuda Triangle “Gale” 2). There was also the two KC-135,SS Marine Saphar Queen , and the Raifuku Maru that took the triangle’s wrath ( Bermuda Triangle “Gale” 2). Then their is one of the most popular Bermuda Triangle mysteries to date, Flight 19. Flight 19 was a training mission that was unsuccesful. They say the flight ran out of fuel and jumped out or the compass messed up so the they crashed ( Aircraft Squadron lost in the Bermuda Triangle 1). And their is also the USS Cyclops that “ disappeared without a trace en route to Baltimore” but it did have a detour to Barbados (Carr 117). But we are still watching the water to see what will happen next.

To sum it up the two theories that the Bermuda Triangle is unusual or not still ligers. Even Though there is some evidence that there is nothing special with the triangle, and there 's a lot of unknown mysteries that haven’t been answered, but they are still collecting data about the Bermuda Triangle and everything around it. In addition we do not know very much about the Bermuda Triangle and it wearabouts. You should try to find a mystery in your community, and
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