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The King’s Speech Tom Hopper’s film “The King’s Speech” is a biographical drama film, which depicts the true story of King George VI who named Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George and his personal attempts to cure his stammer. He is the second son of King George V. But Albert is slow in speech and when he will stammer when he tries to speak. That is a huge problem for a king. The king’s voice can establish and protect his power in a country. If a man cannot give a simple speech to his citizens, how can he become a king? This film has provided plenty of information and perspectives relating to the important of the voice. In other words this film can be said to have educational purpose that how to break up the emotional barriers. To cure his…show more content…
Albert nearly swallowed the marbles. Because of the useless approaches Albert lost his confidence and asks no more therapy. He is restless and keep smoking. It seems like he give up but his wife doesn’t. She finds a doctor named Lionel. From the talk between Albert and Lionel we know the reason of king’s stammer. From the encourage by Lionel, Albert brushes a half-finished model plane and begin to tell where he is hunting. It’s the first time for Albert to talk about this to his therapist. It is the turning point of this movie. The abuse by his nanny who loved his older brother, his tutors enforced a left-hand child to use his right hand, the afraid of his father, and the painful correction of Knock kness. I begin to understand that how difficult for a child who has crippling stammer to do the things that easy for others. It’s very easy for other king to give people a speech, even they do not need to prepare. They can talk whatever they want. Just few words can encourage his citizens. But Albert needs to take lots of courage to give a speech. He needs to take so much courage to lead a country. He needs to take so much courage to be a king who has stammer. It is very difficult for Albert but very easy for other king in the
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