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An experience in my life that was an achievement was me becoming the captain of the Color guard team and holding that position since my freshman and sophomore year. (It not only accomplished getting over certain fear, but it helped me become a better performer whether on an academic level or something extra.) For one thing, An experience in my life that I feel that has been very meaningful to me so far is my achievement with color guard. I began Color Guard my freshman year at Fort Pierce Westwood High School. I never wanted to or even thought about Color Guard until the summer when my parents made me come to band camp; even then I didn’t want to do it. At that time, I would have rather been a dancer than a Color Guard member. Color Guard was actually my last choice. (Even though I really had no choice.) As a result of , That I tried out for the team and made it, I ended up learning that Color Guard wasn’t the easiest and it can be a little tricky to get a hang of , but once you got it ,you know it for good, it’s sort of like learning how to ride a bike). Color guard has made my high school days meaningful, stressful, and exciting at the same…show more content…
Color Guard within my four years at Westwood has taught me quickness (catch in quick), posture, and self-confidence. Without color guard myself confidence would probably be very low. Being that I was a freshman at the time when I was first dealing with Color Guard, no one really cared whether I looked good or knew what I was doing when it came down to the routines. I thought of quitting and never coming back but I am glad
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