Reaction Paper On A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol is a novel written by Charles Dickens. It is about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who is very stingy and greedy with his things. One night Scrooge saw his old dead business partner Jacob Marley. As well as three other ghosts by the names of The ghost of Christmas Past , The Ghost of Christmas Present , and The Ghost of Christmas Future. The ghost visits has changed Scrooge for good.

Scrooge was very misanthropic in stave 1. In the beginning the portly gentleman came to collect donations for the poor Scrooge refused and felt good about doing it. Then Marley 's ghost comes this ghost is covered in chains and is a very pale skin, and it started to talk to him he said “ three ghost will visit you there called the ghost of Christmas Present ,The Ghost of Christmas Past ,and The Ghost of Christmas Future.”

The first ghost he saw in Stave 2 was the Ghost of Christmas Past. When he came he came Scrooge was trembling with fear.He was very scared and upset, he didn 't know what to do. Then the ghost said “ I am the Ghost of Christmas Past,and I am going to take you back to your past Christmas.He told Scrooge to come with him through the window and he did. The first place the ghost took him is childhood home. He saw his sister and the neighborhood kids playing outside. Then he saw himself inside playing and talking to his imaginary friends. Scrooge replied to him and said “poor boy” because he felt bad for himself.He felt bad for himself because his father
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