Why Is Conformity Important

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Margarita Pangelinan Professor David Falgout Writing 1100 22 September 2017 Conformity is NOT key “Bad News: You’re not going to fit in with everyone. Good News: The great ones never do.” With college comes the many pressures of trying to fit in with those around you or breaking the cycle and becoming your own individual. This phenomena is called “The Identity Crisis.” This entails a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person's sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society. Michael Muthukrishna, PhD recipient of a degree in Psychological and Behavioral Sciences, stated “By being conformist, we copy the things that are popular in the world. And those things are often good…show more content…
New Year's Day is approaching and everyone is sharing what resolutions they have set for the New Year. When one hears others talking about setting these goals, they may then feel a sense of need to set their own goals. This need to try and fit in goes back to the topic of conformity. Derek Sivers, American entrepreneur and founder of CD Baby, found in research of psychological “social reality” that “that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen” (Sivers. Ted Talk). It does not have to be New Years for someone to set a new goal in life. What one needs to do is to set specific goals that are effective and achievable and they need to keep it to themselves. This ability of being able to separate what is irrelevant from what is essential is a method of discovering morality. Knowing what one wants out of life is the key to knowing the self. When setting goals, expressing goals positively better benefits an individual; when goals are expressed more negatively one is deterred to achieve their end result.. These more positive affirming goals will show one that something good can come out of their journey. It will always be a challenge, but embracing this challenge is the most essential part of working towards a better lifestyle. To set a goal, one is challenging themselves to work towards something that will benefit their life. By embracing it one is taking ownership of their life and trying to provide what is best for them, not caring what others think. This purposeful drive behind achieving a goals will always be needed because without one, it is
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