Reaction Paper On Feminism

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Lauren Newland
Professor Fitzgerald
English 1310
25 February 2018
The Feminist Agenda
Often times when I tell people that I am a proud feminist, I get a variety of different looks – some are positive and others are negative, but I believe that is because most people have absolutely no clue as to what feminism is really about. Many people believe that feminism is no longer needed in society; after all, women can vote now, so what is the purpose of it in the twenty-first century? Feminism is still needed because some women are still paid less than men (and that is only white women, Hispanic and African-American women make even less than that), even after the United States passed the Equal Pay Act. Feminism is still needed because instead of teaching people not to view women as objects, we teach women how to prevent being raped. Feminism is often looked down upon because of the common misperceptions surrounding the word, such as, being a feminist means hating men, thinking only women can be feminists and that feminists are angry, “butch,” bra-burning, non-shaving, lesbians – those assumptions are incorrect because being a feminist, according to Lauren Jauregui, means being a person who believes in the political, social and economic equality of the sexes.
Contrary to popular belief, being a feminist does not mean that you are anti-men! Since being a feminist is the fight for gender equality, we acknowledge and support men through their own fair-share of struggles. For example,

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