Reaction Paper On Globalization

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Globalization contributes to the unique places and evolves in social relations. The world is a constantly changing place, but it is understood that it also keeps its uniqueness. Globalization focuses on cultural, economic, and political impacts on human society. Globalization is the increasing interconnects of the world through politics, economics, and culture. Globalization is a process and project. It is a contested concept, meaning most scholars do not agree on what globalization is, but scholars do agree that it has multiple, transformative processes and bears the legacy of unevenness. Unevenness meaning that some people benefited more than others.
Globalization occurs daily and has many effects even now. One of the experiences of globalization that I encounter is purchasing and driving my car. My car is a Honda which is produced by a Japanese corporation. Although I do not know much about cars, I know that many automobiles use the mechanical part from different countries such as Japan and China and then assembled in the United States. Matter of fact, many products sold in the United States are either made in another part of the world or have pieces from another part of the world. This is one example of globalization that people experience or participate in consuming every day. Even the food people eat are probably produced from mainly in Latin America that was imported to the United States. Even the oil cars used are imported from the Middle East. Essentially, most

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