Homelessness: The Impact Of Financial Stress On The Homeless

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According to Burgess and Roberts (2003) and Roberts and Burgess (2004), financial stress is a major issue concerning homelessness. Yates claims that “financial stress has been defined as a situation of having insufficient financial resources to meet basic requirements to maintain a reasonable standard of living.” A recent development in our country more or less has enhance people’s life expenditure. First and foremost, low wages and high rent are largely the reason why financial stress occur especially for those with family. They are going to endure insufficient money to pay for rent, household bills and even their daily expenses. In fact, high housing cost and lack of affordable house are largely contributed to higher rent. Therefore, if…show more content…
For this reason, there is a saying goes “prevention is better than cure”, it is better to prohibit something from happening than to fix it once it has happened. Consequently, it is vital to address this problem so that we can help those who are at risk of becoming homeless to solve their problem and lessen their difficulties first rather than to help them once they have become homeless. Several mitigation measures need to be implemented so that they can handle their problem very well. In a nutshell, there is no doubt that decrease in number of homelessness will increase the profits of economy and tourism sector since less crime rates…show more content…
In essence, those with mental illness always disregard necessary precautions against disease. From now, it is significant to work out on this problem in order to inhibit the prevalence of contagious diseases among the homeless. The main concern for this population are the living condition they are exposed such as airborne infections, like TB, and inadequate hygiene set them off to scabies, infestation with body lice and louse-borne diseases (Brouqui P et al., 2005). To summarize, if the population of homeless is high, crime rate in the city will definitely increasing thus correlates to a decline in profit from tourism sector since less people are likely to visit due to higher crime rates and the potential to be hassled for money. For this purpose, it is demanded to propose suitable solution as initiative to approach and to consider the needs of people with mental illness and their family before this problem
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