Reaction Paper On Infection Control

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INFECTION CONTROL The Health Department has infection control; the medical profession has infection control. Why not create infection control for food, based on the two above programs and the food protection program. Infection control for food has become a part of the T.H.A.T.S. program. Almost everyone has an idea about infection control and uses it in his own way. People usually wear gloves to wash dishes, cars, floors, pets, and hair, and to clean the house and yard and pick up trash. But they wash their foods with bare hands and prepare the foods with bare hands. They touch the cooked or raw food inside and outside of the pots and pans, serve them without serving gloves and sometimes after touching money at the register. Other times, I observed people touching their nose, teeth, or private parts, or scratching their scalp and pulling or twirling their hair, and not washing their hands before touching other people’s food or their own. For almost ten years, while I was building this program, I observed that most people, in person or on TV shows, rarely wash their hands or wear gloves before or after touching and serving food. Hands should be washed before and after touching food, cooked or raw. People should wear gloves to prepare and serve food. Hands should be washed before and after wearing gloves. Gloves are not an excuse for not washing hands. Gloves add a barrier. In some cases, napkins, paper towels, plastic bags, or tongs can be used as a barrier. But when dealing

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