Reaction Paper On Islamophobia

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1.4 Reason for choosing topic
As said before, the media plays a vital role when it comes to shaping the opinions of society about topical issues. If the media is constantly portraying a certain group of people in a negative light it is almost inevitable that some consumers of media content will in turn begin to view that group in such light. This has been evident with people of Islamic faith, those within the Islamic community have been victim to the negative portrayal of the media, with the media often portraying them as a community to be weary of and subsequently this has led to the contribution to the notion of ‘Islamophobia’. The majority of those who practice the faith have expressed that Islam is a religion of peace and not war or terror.
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Some have said that defining Islamophobia is not what is important but understanding what encourages it and its effects on society is what is key. Islamophobia in modern day society is fundamentally aimed at marginalising Muslims from society. The negativity and all the hostility related with Islamophobia is what prevents people from appreciating and understanding the values and culture that Islam as a religion upholds. It is argued that their needs and demands are not adequately met by political leaders and negative attitudes from the public do not always give Muslims the opportunity to engage in critical debates aimed at addressing the issue of Islamophobia. Subsequently this just enhances the hatred and puts a strain on the social cohesion of the societies. It is a vicious cycle that at this present moment in time has no end in sight.

Chapter 3- Literature review
In this section of the thesis, the author shall examine previous studies relating to the topic of discussion which is the representation of Islam in western media. This section of the thesis shall cover four significant areas which have been explored in British media.
1. The construction of Muslims and Islam as the ‘other’
2. The role of race when constructing Muslim and Islam as the ‘Asian other’
3. The role of the media and the subjectivity of journalists when reproducing stereotypes of Muslim and Islam
4. The importance of international and domestic news reporting when creating images of Muslim and Islam in western

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