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What is it
Lupus is a chronic systemic rheumatic disease, that is, can affect any organ and / or system : joints and muscles, can damage the skin, kidney, lung and almost all organs.

One of the characteristics of this disease is a disease that is very heterogeneous. It is difficult to find two patients with the same symptoms and the same patterns of disease. That complicates often it is diagnosed.

The evolution of the disease develops in stages and other outbreak in which the effects of the disease forwarded. Also, there are very severe lupus and some not so serious as those that occur and are limited to skin conditions.

In general, when a person is diagnosed with lupus, immune cells are attacking own body causing inflammation and tissue
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General symptoms presented by a side: the fatigue , the weight loss unexplained , the fever should not be extended to any infectious process and changes in the temperature .

Fever is an important symptom that can be caused by the disease itself or infection coexisting with lupus. It is essential to determine the source to treat properly.

We can group the symptoms:

Muscle and joint symptoms

They are among the most common clinical manifestations. The 90 percent of lupus patients suffer from pain and swelling in the joints ( arthritis ) in the hands, wrists, elbows, knees and feet more often. It is also possible to appear stiff joints in the morning. Arthritis can be migratory or episodic.

These symptoms usually occur early in the disease and its evolution.

dermatological symptoms

La, although not the most common, known injury is called " erythema butterfly wings ," which consists of a flushing and skin rash on the face, cheeks and nose. These symptoms occur in 80 percent of patients and many worsen with sun exposure.

It is also frequent hair loss when the disease is active. On the other hand, people with lupus are hypersensitive to ultraviolet rays. If exposed unprotected disease may be

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