Nervous Division Vs Motor Division

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Have you ever wondered why you react to a certain situation, like how you jump when

cold water is being poured down your back . How you react is an example of what the nervous

system does for you. So what is the nervous system? The nervous system is a complex collection

of nerves and specialized cells known as neurons that transmit signals between different parts of

the body. The nervous system is responsible for controlling how your body acts and what it does,

such as talking, walking, breathing, learning, and swallow. It also controls how your body reacts

when there is an emergency. As I mentioned earlier the nervous system is a very complicated

subject to talk about as it is comprised of different levels of organization.
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The sensory division picks up sensory stimuli, meaning you

know that an ant is on your arm and sends that information to your brain. The motor division

sends directions from your brain to your muscles and glands, which means that your brain tells

you that you should flick the ant off your body. The motor division splits up into the somatic

nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. The somatic nervous system rules your

skeletal muscle movement and your autonomic nervous system keeps your heart pumping and

your lungs breathing. The autonomic nervous system also has two parts, the sympathetic division

and the parasympathetic division. The sympathetic division mobilizes the body into action, and

the parasympathetic division relaxes the body.

All of these parts of the nervous system are made up of nerve tissue, the main tissue

component of the two parts of the nervous system. Since the nervous tissue is packed with cells,

the most common type of cells you’ll find on the tissue is neurons or nerve cells. These cells

respond to stimuli and transmit signals. Neuron cells are some of the longest living cells in your

body. Neuron cells are amitotic which means they can’t divide once their given roles are
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