Reaction To The Crucible

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The Crucible is a movie based on the play by Arthur Miller. It explores the consequences of lies and witchcraft during the late 1600s. During that period of time, Witchcraft was a crime punishable by death. This movie presents us with a character named Abigail. Due to Abigail’s obsession over her ex- lover John Proctor, she made up a string of lies that eventually got out of control and cost many lives, including her beloved John. The movie starts off with young village girls meeting in the woods with a slave named Tituba. I immediately assumed they were practicing in witchcraft because they were chanting things and throwing plants into a boiling pot. One of the girls named Abigail killed a chicken and drank its blood wishing death upon John’s wife. Soon after they start dancing but are interrupted…show more content…
He tells her that he will see her in the afterlife and she leaves. Although, many girls lied about being affected by witchcraft Abigail was the worst of them all. She manipulated her new found power and used it as a tool in seeking revenge but she didn’t realize that her beloved would suffer from her actions. John was told that he would be pardoned if he ‘confesses’ and agrees to do so. When the judges demand that he make his confession public he refuses to do so and is ordered to be hanged. The last scene in this movie was very emotional. Before being hanged, John alongside Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey recited “The Lord’s Prayer” until their last breath. After watching this movie, I realized how easily people are blinded by fear. The girls were afraid of Abigail so they went along with her plan but, if they hadn’t done that they could have saved many lives. People feared Witchery to the point where they wouldn’t listen to reason or be suspicious of the girls. Overall, I enjoyed watching “The Crucible.” It was a very interesting and emotional
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