Read To Succeed Program Analysis

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Being a student at Frostburg State University has allowed me to participate in a number of student organizations as well as leader positions and experiences. As a current mentor in the Read to Succeed program, which is geared towards helping young local students understand and develop fundamental reading and math skills, I have learned the depth and importance associated with maintaining an active role in the community. Such an experience has also helped me to enhance my own leadership skills as the current president of the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC). This student organization partners with the university’s health center, Brady Health Center, in providing and promoting health to students and members of the community. As president, I not only work side by side with the diligent members of the organization in advocating healthy lifestyle choices to students, but…show more content…
Likewise, I was never aware of the tremendous amount of happiness and sense of togetherness that comes with seeing the faces of students enjoying our sponsored events and other organizations hearing about our efforts on campus. Being the president of SHAC has truly been a blessing to me and has opened my eyes to my true potential as a leader. I no longer shy away from speaking in front of large groups, question whether or not to share my opinions on topics and believe that there is only one way to successfully accomplish a goal. Although I would love to say that SHAC has helped Brady Health and students here on campus, I know that it is being in SHAC that has truly helped me. I have developed into a person that I would not have recognized during my early days as a college student if it has not been for this leadership role. I am able to stand a bit taller, hold my head a bit higher and speech more confidently and for that I am forever
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