Reflective Essay On Aesop's Fable

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At the beginning of this curriculum, I’m very reluctant to read Aesop’s Fable because I think this book is suitable for children, rather than me, a college student. However, I admit that I learn a lot after finishing it. Firstly, I know a great many of words about animals such as wasp,partridge and owl which broaden my knowledge. Words are basis of learning English. Secondly, it tells me a lot of truth in life. If one day I become a teacher, I will tell my students these ideas. In my opinion, although some are out of date, it is still a fortunate in my life. As for English learning techniques, the most important thing is interest. This course not only allow us to accumulate all the knowledge related to English during reading but also help us develop a good habit of reading. Last but not the least, I start trying to write complex long sentences by using conjunction. I think this is my biggest progress because I overcome my worry that I fear making mistakes. Even if I am not very good ,I believe as long as I try my best, my writing techniques will improve.
There are many stories in this book
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I suspect most of the women pay more attention about their appearance. They are crazy about fashion clothes, nice high heel shoes and exquisite makeup which make they look more attractive. In fact, every woman have own unparalleled charm, however, they always ignore these characteristic. They only care about looks and discontent themselves, therefore in order to become more perfect, a large number of choose to tidy up their appearance. But looks really so important? Some people say this is a time to look at the face and a beauty can be capricious. Yet I am familiar with a girl who isn’t beautiful but everyone like her very much. She said:”You can use one day to make yourself become Fanbingbing, in any case,
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