Reading And Books: The Importance Of Reading

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“Call me Ishmael” is a popular quote from the book Moby Dick. Perhaps read by parents rather than the children of this generation. We all know that reading is important, but why do we neglect it? This is due to the fact that the younger generations are less exposed to reading and books in general. Putting it simply, time is a constraint. What we have evolved into which is the technological age puts technology as an important factor in life. We see it as a source of productivity and something that is looked upon more. Reading is extremely popular if you see reading as reading your general news, text messages and articles. Reading fiction on the other hand is a different topic. It is a basic human need to fulfill our mental wellness and reading fiction fulfills it. Being so focused in the “productive” world and being entertained by other means such as films and games pull people away from the necessity of reading. In this essay, I will be talking about the importance and the value of reading and how media has affected our view of it.

One of the most common reasons stated for not being able to read is the fact that one simply doesn’t have enough time to spare for a chapter or two. Reading is rarely seen nowadays in the usual routine or morning commute and this is due to the fact that nowadays, people look more towards the visually appealing, such as videos and images. Quoting an anonymous person from ‘Yahoo Answers!’ the reason people look towards film versions of the book is

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