Essay On Reading Habit

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Reading is an action of a person who reads and habit is a product of this action or learning. Reading habit is an essential life skill. It not only increases our knowledge, but it also builds maturity and character, sharpen our thinking, and widens our awareness in social, economic, political and environmental issues (Zainab Abdullah, 2013). Reading presents a lot of problems to most of the university students ( Noriah and Suhaidi ,2009 ). Most of the university students have to read a lot of academic texts in English. Furthermore, the students are lacking in read English materials (Nuttanuch Munsakorn, 2012). Reading is generally accepted as a way of reading new information and new knowledge. Besides, it is an essential language skill for successfully completing all college-level courses (Mohamad Jafre, Majid Pour- Mohammadi & Choon Lean, 2011).
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Reading is the process of constructing meaning from written texts. It is a complex skill requiring the coordination of a number of interrelated sources of information (Anderson et al., 1985). Reading is generally accepted as a way of acquiring new information and new knowledge. As we know, many students were actually do not really dislike to read but they gave priority to other activities such as sports, social life and school work (Wagner, 2002). They would read during pleasure times such as during semester break or after they had finished their major projects. Several researchers have found that light reading does not automatically result in an ability to read advanced materials (Hafner,Palmer,&Tullos,1986). Nevertheless, both good and poor readers reported they spent more time on academic reading than any other types of reading in college. Besides, the reading has social, academic, economical and survival significance, because democracy of a country can survive when people at large have reading competence. (S. Thanuskodi,
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