Reading And Writing In Antonia Susan Drabble Byatt's Literature

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Antonia Susan Drabble Byatt 's curiosity to know and to read was associated with her from her childhood: "From being very little, reading and living were all to me only finished off if you could write them down." (qtd. in Musil 100). The sense that writing ended real, or even extra real, one’s knowledgeable growth and leaning and one’s capabilities surely pervades Byatt’s mature work, in both her fiction and nonfiction. In several ways, Byatt is a writer whose writing has been self-reflexive and deliberately formed. Byatt believes that the 'lines ' that the writer selects limit her/him. For Byatt, Words are "crossing circles and loops." The lines we select to "cross" or to be limited describe us (Possession: A Romance 467). On the contrary, to those writers who prefer to distinct their fiction from their nonfiction, Byatt has never desired such a distinction. Reading and writing have been an inseparable necessity of each other. Considering reading and writing "points on a circle" encouraged her to see both action as "the only adequate (Passions of the Mind xiii). Greediness to read and write, unveils itself in a number of ways in her work especially through literary allusion and impenetrable explanation. Byatt called her 1991 collection of literary essays Passions of the Mind, and this title apprehensions one of frequent contradictions about her: life experience stands alive in her novels, no matter how much it may be sifted through art. In

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