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Dieveloping reading comprehension ability is one of the most important aspects in acquisition of a language. The present investigation concentrated on enhancing reading comprehension ability through Task-based language teaching. Many educational domains are going through changes in the way teaching and learning is understood. Teacher centered classes and structural- syllabus teaching are giving way to a more student-centered, practical and flexible approaches. In this paradigm shift, the field of second and foreign language teaching is not an exception. One of the areas which came under paradigm shift is the traditional present practice produce method of teaching English. It has been replaced by communicative language teaching.…show more content…
Less visible to many of us, but often with even more urgent linguistic needs, are the steadily increasing numbers of involuntary language learners of all age. Given the importance of language learning for so many people and so many different kinds of people, therefore, it would be reassuring to know that LT is being carried out efficiently by trained professionals and that language teachers and learners alike are satisfied with the end…show more content…
In 2001, the Ministry of Education issued the new National Curriculum Standards for English education and suggested adopting TBLT in English teaching in schools. That is “To sense, experience, practice and cooperate under the teacher's instruction aiming to reach the goal of tasks”. On the other hand Nunnan in his book "Task-Based Language Teaching” noted that the concept of ‘task’ has become an important element in syllabus design, classroom teaching and learner assessment. It underpins several significant research agendas, and it has influenced educational policymaking in both ESL and EFL settings. Pedagogically, task-based language teaching has strengthened the following principles and practices:
• A needs-based approach to content selection..
• The introduction of authentic texts into the learning situation.
• An enhancement of the learner’s own personal experiences as important contributing elements to classroom learning.
• The linking of classroom language learning with language use outside the

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