Jigsaw Reading Comprehension Research Paper

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Increasing reading comprehension by jigsaw technique
Najmeh Farhang Nia
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Reading comprehension (RC) is a major component of language learning, and finding an appropriate and effective way teaching it has been considered by many researchers. One effective way for achieving this goal can be using the jigsaw reading technique. This study aimed to determine whether co-learning strategy can affect RC through the use of the Jigsaw reading technique for learners who are in need of learning English for their present work through a tailored course that combines the language and the skills they need today with what they need to make progress in the longer term to reach a professional level. To achieve
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Constructivist focus on how students construct their own understanding to clarify matter of this issue. Some philosophers, such as Socrates, concern on helping leaner construct meanings on their own procedure rather than follow authority figures to dictate or transmit information to them. Immanuel Kant (1724 –1804) recognizes that the way learners perceive environment and stimulate which effect and make it shapes their understanding of the world. They work base on those thinking which receive from environment, John Dewey (1859– 1952) proposed that ''education should work with students' current understanding, taking into account their prior ideas and interests''. Later, Jean Piaget (1896–1980) defined ''accommodation and assimilation as ways for new knowledge to build upon previous knowledge''. The ideas of Lev Vygotsky (1896–1934) influenced methods and way of thinking about learning and learners; one of methods which affected is constructivism. His role increasing awareness about interactions between the individual, interpersonal, and cultural historical factors that affect…show more content…
The main notion of this approach is an abstract notion with infinite number of potential realizations. The researchers invent and developed characteristic of them which do not discovered. The main features of the research approach need that it concentrate on real-world problems that felt is related to be solved in practice. making an innovative construction meant to solve the initial real-world problem and needs , involves an attempt for using developed construction and thereby a test for founding its practical applicability, implies close involvement and team working between the researcher and practitioners and here and maybe now experiential learning is expected to take place. It explicitly linked to prior theoretical knowledge, and pays special attention to reflecting particular findings back to theory (Lukka, 2000). In fact constructive study is originally experimental we can take the developed implemented new construction regarded as a test instrument by attempt to illustrate, examine , or refine a theory, or entirely develop a new one. We can say constructive research project is a daily life problem which is solved by an implemented new construction, which has practical and theoretical contribution. This type of a
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