Reading Comprehension Level And Word Problem Analysis

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Students’ Reading Comprehension Level and Word Problem Analysis Skill

THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND One great asset of a student is that he/she is able to understand what he/she is reading. When a student is able to understand thoroughly the article at first reading, without any aid of vocabulary materials, then the student probably hashigh reading comprehension ability. Reading comprehension is the ability of a student to understand written articles with his/her own knowledge. Moreover, comprehending what one reads means that you understand the printed symbols in terms that have meaning for you, that relate to you (Roldan, A., 2010.) If students have a high comprehension level, it is an advantage for he/she can easily understand
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In fact, reading is applied in everything that one does in everyday life. It is a must for every person to enhance their reading skills. This is one major key to learn majority of the ideas and facts one wants to know. Coming hand in hand with reading, one must also comprehend what he/she is reading. Reading is useless if one is not able to understand what he/she read. Thus, there is a need to improve students’ comprehension skills. Relevantly, it is a known notion that those who master English have poor knowledge in Mathematics. One part of this knowledge is to analyze word problems. Since word problems are in paragraph form, comprehension level constitutes the analysis of the word problem. A word problem can be answered correctly as long as the analysis of the given problem is correct. Moreover, the learner should have verbal ability and language skill to read and understand the problem (James, A. &Alwan, J., 2011.) Thus, comprehension level plays a vital role in solving word…show more content…
The researchers adopted the SRC(Scholastic Reading Count) program of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc. (DYCI). Using this program, the students underwent a test of comprehension level. They read excerpts from different books and then chose the best answer from the given options. After the test, the lexile or the reading comprehension level showed the computation and score of the students. After which, the same set of students took the word problem tests and gauge their word problem analysis skill. When the researchers gathered the two quantities, both were compared and results were

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