Essay About Pre Reading

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This chapter provides a brief description of the whole content of the research, including background, statement of the problems, aims of the study, scope of the study, significance of the study, hypothesis and organization of paper.

1.1 Background
Reading is one of the most important skills which has to be learned by the students in order to master English well. Most students are not natural born readers. In fact, reading is not a naturally occurring skill at all, but rather a complex process that requires a careful and systematic instructional approach according to the research gathered by the National Reading Panel (2002). Reading is also included into receptive skill besides listening. Harmer (2001) states
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Mind’s Eye strategy could be one of their best ways to solve this problem. This strategy can develop students visualization and improve students reading comprehension as the technique includes students memory and asking them to be more critical in giving their perception and prediction. According to Silver, Strong and Perini (2007) mind’s eye is a reading strategy that is used by the teacher to improve students critical skill of the words on the page into memorable images. When the students read about a text the students will combine their background knowledge with the information that is gotten in the text. In addition, Sejnost (2009) states that this strategy is started by the students who listen to the keywords which are mentioned by the teacher and then attempt to visualize what are they hearing by making pictures in their minds. When the students read the text, they will make prediction about the story of text. They will combine between their background knowledge about the text with the idea of text. At the end of reading, they will understand and get the whole ideas of the
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