Reading Comprehension: Strategies And Methods

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‘Reading’ is the general term which most people use it to name ‘Reading comprehension’ (Grabe, 2002). Reading comprehension will achieve through understanding the text and extracting the meaning from a written text, and the activity or the purpose for reading (Snow, 2002) .Each reader provides his own purpose of reading a text in comparison with another reader therefore people may have different purposes for reading, some read it for general understanding, some for detailed understanding, some for amount of information and some readers for integrating information (Grade and Stoller, 2002).
The ability to read in a second language (L2) is one of the most crucial skills that should be progressed in academic settings. At the same time, it is one of the most difficult skills to develop to a high level of proficiency. Reading is a fundamental skill for L2 learners to master in academic contexts. Because reading comprehension is really important both in first and second/foreign languages, reading strategies and methods are of great interest in the field of reading research. A large number of research studies have shown that skilled readers use a variety of strategies to comprehend the texts (Stanovich, 2000; Sweet & Snow, 2003). The question is how learner can deal with these reading strategies and methods, because many readers are not aware of reading strategies. In fact, in most English reading classes, especially in Iran teaching comprehension strategies and methods to

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