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My research focus is how can I improve the teaching of reading comprehension through the use of QCPS (questioning, clarifying, predicting, and summarizing). QCPS was derived from Reciprocal Teaching. It was devised by Palinscar and Brown in 1984, Park (2008) and it is used as a reading comprehension strategy. Reciprocal teaching (RT) is a process involving four distinct activities which are questioning, clarifying, summarising and predicting, employed in a student-led, team approach to develop reading comprehension skills among primary students. However, as cater to the needs of my pupils, I adapted the Reciprocal Teaching to be used as my way. Instead of getting the students to lead all
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However, it must be conducted differently based on the pupils’ proficiency level. For instance, for advance learner pupils, they may lead the strategies of their own in a group consist of 4 pupils in a group. Each member of the group will lead one strategy respectively, and the teacher would only be facilitating the pupils in conducting the activities.

Relevance to another subject

I do believe that the reading comprehension strategies that were used can be applied to the other subject in the primary school. For example, Bahasa Melayu subject. The teacher may apply this strategy into their reading class as well. The teacher teaching the subject can follow the model accordingly or adapt it to cater to the pupils need.

2.4 Definitions of terms

Reading: Stice, Bertrand and Bertrand (1995) defined reading as constructing meaning, making sense of print. If a reader has not made the written material meaningful, reading has not taken place.
Comprehension: is a process in which the reader constructs meaning using as the building materials the information on the printed page and the knowledge stored in the reader’s
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