Reading Comprehension: The Importance Of Reading

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Reading comprehension requires and need a lot of skills and time to be developed and practice every person before a person can cultivate it. It differs from just understanding the passage or written text for it pertains to perceiving, comprising, including grasping mentally and understanding a passage or written text. Reading is very important skills in English and it gives many advantage in reading. Reading is the window of the world. By reading, people can get more knowledge and information from reading materials like books, magazines, newspapers, journals and other.
Reading comprehension is the ability of constructing meaning from a text (Webster’s Dictionary, 1990). In the first stage children is the one who will practice reading comprehension
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It is no exaggeration to say that how well students develop the ability to comprehend what they read has a profound effect on their entire lives. A major goal of reading comprehension is to instruct and help the learners to develop knowledge and to gain more information about reading, develop skills and experience.
Over the past few decades, research have discover a great deal of information about how readers get meaning from what they read and about the kinds of instructional activities and procedures that are most successful in helping students to become good readers. According to Van Den Broek, as cited by Samudio (2003) reading comprehension is a complex cognitive ability requiring the capacity to integrate text information with the knowledge of the listener/reader and resulting in the collaboration of a mental representation. Current models of reading comprehension highlight the importance of considering the role of different cognitive processes during text comprehension. The reader has to store and manipulate information in working memory during the processing of the text, but at the same time in order to construct a coherent representation of the text he or she has to refer to his/her prior
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Unfortunately however, not every Filipino is a good reader who can derive meaning from a written material and go on to analyse and apply that meaning. Thus, readers who can only read facts and nothing more can never be called good readers. Indeed, a student, who can read comprehensively, can also be successful in all his/her lessons. It is known that in the Philippines, the university and high school entrance examinations have mostly questions based on testing learners ' ability whether they can read comprehensively and can come up with new interpretations by making analysis and synthesis on the given data in the many research

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