Reading Comprehension: The Major Goals Of Reading Comprehension

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Reading involves garnering knowledge, information and meaning from any literary text. Readers are encouraged to be active in constructing meaning while reading text. Thus, after reading has taken place, readers should have a clear understanding of what has been written and they will then be able to transfer information they need. However, many students still have challenges with comprehension; especially when they have to comprehend words, sentences or an entire text. If people do not understand what they read, it becomes a frustrating, pointless exercise in word calling. It is no exaggeration to say that how well students develop the ability to comprehend what they read has a profound effect on their entire lives. A major goal of reading comprehension instruction, therefore, is to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and experiences they must have if they are to become competent and enthusiastic readers. The main goal of reading is to derive meaning from the text. Classrooms across the nation are interspersed with students that do not understand what they have…show more content…
This strategy guides the students through the process of reading text by understanding and thinking about the text. Tankersley (2005) states that the Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) promotes higher order thinking skills and allow lecturers to know students’ thought process and experience. Moreover, it is useful for processing all types of text. Blachowich & Ogle (2008) states that the Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) gives teachers the opportunity to act as a facilitator by guiding students to think like readers. That is, they anticipate, predict and then confirm and modify their predictions as they
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