Reading Comprehension Strategy

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Timeline: Reading comprehension is a strategy that needs to be practice and reinforce throughout the school year. In order to implement such strategies with fidelity, all teachers will be given enough time to revisit the strategies, to discuss videos that portrayed the used of the strategy as well as work in collaboration to create lesson opportunities to deliver those strategies. Teachers will be asked to incorporate this initiative immediately after each professional development. Every week a different reading strategy or skill will be presented through video discussion during grade level meetings. Teachers will be expected to start using and implementing this reading strategy a week later after the PD. Teachers will be asked to add one of…show more content…
This professional development is promoting the needs of all learners. As mentioned data shows that our students are performing below grade level when it comes to reading comprehension. Our students are showing a lack of reading comprehension techniques and routines; this professional development will help teachers revisit key elements such as literary and pedagogical techniques that will promote reading comprehension as well as additional support for differentiation. This will help teachers implement such approaches in their lesson delivery to assure that students are utilizing them. Principal support in implementing…show more content…
How are these techniques supporting cold read comprehension • Video showing strategies to implement to support reading understanding during cold reads • Teachers will turn and talk to discuss: What strategies were presented? How were those strategies implemented? What do students do? How did teachers assess students? • Teachers will work in collaboration with their grade level team to incorporate in their lesson plan the practice of explicit instruction steps such as activating of background knowledge, direct explanation, thinking aloud, guided practice and student application. • Teachers will be asked to schedule a reading comprehension demo on the following week • Teachers will be asked to take the lesson plan as well as the book they worked on to implement the strategy in their classrooms. • Teachers will be asked to volunteer to share an 10 minute recorded demo lesson delivery to share with their grade level a week after the coach’s demo • PD Assessment and

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