Reading Corner Importance

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In reading and writing corner, there must be some materials being prepared by the educators. For example in the reading areas, book rack, shelf, baskets, variety of books of all genres, magazines, student created books, interactive charts, environment print such as flyers, labels and brochures, comfy seating or pillows, big books, pointers or “funny” fingers, class-made charts, poetry box and posters is a must to prepare for children. Reading corner must be located at the quiet corner, create a warm and inviting atmosphere, display or highlight theme-related books, include reading materials that reflect children’s racial and ethnic backgrounds. Some adding literacy and numeracy in reading corner are provide retelling materials such as flannel cut outs, simple story props and stick puppets, add math concept books, and add simple class graphs for students to graph favourite books. All these must be includes in the reading corner as it helps children to read well and gain the knowledge easily in a comfortable learning environment. In writing corner, the materials must be…show more content…
Dramatic corner includes materials like kitchen play set, small table and chair set, dishes, pots and pans, multicultural play foods, plastic action hats, long mirror, doctor’s kit, tool kit, cash register, shopping basket or cart and telephone. Dramatic corner also has a broom, dustpan, refrigerator, storage shelves, and a theme that coordinates with the theme studied. For example, there may be restaurant from different cultural backgrounds in the dramatic corner, such as a Chinese or Italian restaurant with menus, recipes, checks and so on. All these materials help children to have dramatic play with more fun and interesting when it comes to different themes. Children can develop their imagination and creativity by playing with all these materials. Children can also develop their social skills during dramatic

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