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According to LaBerge and Samuels s’ (1979) theory an efficient reader must be able to recognize and identify words instantly and then connect words for meaning.(cited by Synthesis for struggling reader) .Hence this leads to the components that fluency deals with.
The definition of reading fluency have changed over the past years ,which back then was primarily focus on automatic decoding. This idea was revolutionized to including the use of accuracy, automaticity and prosody or expression and its contribution to comprehension. (Kuhn, Schwanenflugel, & Meisinger, Alinging Theory and Assessment of Reading Fluency: Automaticity, Prosody, and Definitions of Fluency, 2010) .Automaticity regards to the rate and effortless and autonomous, without much attention while reading. Fluent readers spend less time decoding words while
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The results showed that students obtained a moderate mean in fluency via repeated reading. Not only do some student need assistance at times but also a good model to read so that they can know how to read properly since they will be reading on their own.
Older struggling readers need to have a good model when reading .Model reading involves a good model e.g. .; teacher, peer, tape recording or computer read the passage and students listen and or read along. (Chard, Vaughn, & Tyler, 2002). This method proved to be an effective approach as compared to the unassisted approach for the younger readers. (Kuhn & Stahl, Fluency: A Review of Developmental and Remedial Practices, 2003). Despite the computer / taped model is effective than having no model at all it is not as effective as having a teacher model

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