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2.1 LITERATURE REVIEW From the journal “Reading Habit and Attitude among Malaysian Polytechnic Students” (Annamalai & Muniandy, 2013), the definition of reading has undergone through many improvements. In the past, reading was meant to interpret visual information of any given codes or system (Lone, 2011). However, after that, reading became more complex and involved the understanding process of a whole text composed of written signs (Fisher, 2004). Reading has come to hold the most significant place in education as a means of communication in a highly literate society (Chettri & Rout, 2013). Reading is important for the students in general to cope with new knowledge in a changing world. Reading is important for education and
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In all learning situations to succeed in school, the students must learn to read well. When the students obtain the reading skill, they can understand most materials that provided by the teachers and achieved the goals set by the teachers. (Joseph, 2013). From the study said that many students in the primary schools do not read as efficiently as they should due to the students’ reading habits and attitudes. Besides that, the students do not read well because of the language background, lack of adults’ readers as models and growing distractions from electronic and social media (Joseph, 2013). A study by Pandian (1997) on the reading habits of students in Malaysia reported as 80.1% were reluctant readers of English language materials. The study by Mohd Yasin et al (2010), statistical data from the National Literacy Survey conducted by the National Library of Malaysia revealed that Malaysia read at average of two pages a year in 1982 and progressed to two books a year in 1996. (Annamalai & Muniandy, 2013) These two studies had supports and justify each another to prove that the students lack of the reading…show more content…
The school was chosen because it contains various types of students’ proficiency level. The selected teachers who taught English in Standard 5 were chosen to be the main sample. The teacher selected was experienced in teaching English language and have experienced in education field.
Other than that, the students were selected to answer the questionnaire related to their feedback and opinion on the lesson given by the teacher. The students are from different background and different levels of proficiency.

3.2 RESEARCH DESIGN This survey will be carried out in selected urban primary school. The main aim of this study was to find out the students’ reading attitude and habit in terms in reading English language. The Standard 5 students and five English teachers from the selected school who will participate in this survey will be asked to respond to the items.
This is a quantitative study which conducted through a survey method that involved questionnaire to get the response from the teachers and students regarding cultivate reading habits among the primary school students. The focus is to find out the students’ reading attitude and habit in terms in reading English language.


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