Head Start Case Study

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Does Sarah Shepards program Reading Head Start really give your child a Head Start, as it claims?
Sarah Shepard’s Reading Head Start is an English Reading Program designed to give your child a head start in reading or to help them catch up and even surpass their level. It is designed for children between the ages of 12 months and 9 years.
Efficient reading system

About Sarah Shepard, the Creator of Reading Head Start?
Sarah Shepard is an English teacher with 14years of teaching English. She is also married with three children.
Sarah Shepard created the program in the process of helping her 6 six year improve his English grade. Sarah Shepard realized that how and the way a child is taught will determine whether they will understand or not.
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The child is taught with charts, diagrams, illustrations, games.
Learning is made fun and interactive using various learning tools.

*Catch up in learning for those struggling with reading skills
There is nothing as degrading as a poor grade, each year. The program will help a student who is struggling with reading catch up and even exceed their level of education.
It will boost confidence and self-esteem in that child.

*captures the needs of all Kinetic learners, visual and audio learners
The system uses all kinds of teaching methods including audios where they get to hear sounds, Kinetic using workbooks, Visual learning is using books. Interactive video games engage visual kinetic and audio learners.

*Helps parents connect with their children and bond using learning as a weekly activity
This system gives parents an opportunity to get involved in the lives of their children from the foundation level. The parents get to teach their children and monitor and supervise them on a weekly basis.
This strengthens the bond and makes the family strong and happy. This is a learning experience of a lifetime for both parent and child.

*Incredible Reading
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Its updated constantly.

*Its not a complete homeschooling system or a study of the English subject. It is just targeted at helping in reading. The child therefore has to combine it with normal schooling and still do English.
*Invest financially and timewiserequires
The program runs for months and therefore requires dedication, patience and commitment from parents, to follow through the lessons and guide their child. It requires internet and a computer
*Billing payment method. The program is paid by subscriptions. If you finish with the program, you have to cancel payments. Which is a bit of a hustle.
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
I recommend the program to parents who have children yet to begin formal schooling. They don’t have to wait until their children have a poor grade to start seeking solutions.
Any other things to know about this product?
*Unproven claims that the program reverses dyslexia. If you have a child that has been diagnosed with dyslexia, please continue seeing a doctor on issues concerning your child.
*Not recommended for children under one year. Psychologists claim that when a child starts learning to read too early, it hinders their social

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