Reading History: Why Reading Is Important In My Childhood

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Reading History
. I have always loved to read. Growing up I can remember my mom reading to me the same few picture books repetitively so I’d memorize the letter patterns. I remember the magical feeling when I started recognizing words. At first, I struggled with reading. Fortunately, my step-dad and mom pushed me to read every day and it paid off. By the time I was in fifth grade I tested to a twelfth grade reading level. Reading wasn’t just a chore, it played a huge role in my childhood. When I think about how reading shaped who I am, I consider all of the stories that I could relate to, or the stories that made me grateful that I live the life I do. I remember coming home, and spending my nights so involved in each turning page that I’d start a book and finish it in the same night. The thing I love most about reading is that, in order to get better you just need practice. Unlike some strenuous activities, the practice doesn’t involve blood, sweat, or tears. And you can choose what you use to get practice. Personally, I used just about anything I could put my hands on. Reading played a huge role in my childhood. Most of the books I’ve read have either been introduced to me by a teacher, or given as gifts. I most enjoy books under the realistic fiction genre. I have a habit of losing myself in a good book, and books that could really happen always pull me in the
Mays 2 most. When I was in middle school, I made reading a daily hobby. It is sad that I stopped doing that

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