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I love big books for these specific purposes. We can’t assume that children come to school with these vital skills for early literacy (book handling experiences or how you should actually read directionally), especially students coming from a home situation with minimal book and minimal or no read aloud). I really believe that it important that the teacher has chosen these books for reading to her ELL students, as well as her native English speakers. I think it is so vital that they are shown the relationship between the words they are hearing and the words they are seeing. I remember in a previously class, our professor had a sentence written on the board. She first read is by pointed at each word in the sentence, but she informed us that it was not beneficial for the students to be read to that way. She told us that when we read, we should just point to the word put we should point and have our finger follow each individual word from start to end. She told us that helps the them not only recognize the oral and text relationship of the word, but also the individual sounds and letters being pronounced, and their relationship.

I believe that Ms. McCloskey’s schedule structure and activities are an efficient use of learning time, and are developed to ensure that every child is getting what they need individually. I genuinely believe that having a time dedicated to reading aloud to your students is vital during literacy. It’s a great way to calm students down and get them

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