Reading In Sherman Alexie's 'Superman And Me'

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It is not easy to be educated, so you will face numerous challenges, hard times and pain. But only people who have the will will be able to complete their way towards their goal and overcome the challenges of life. Sherman Alexie who is a Spokane child born with a brain disease and had no chance of living was able to break the stereotype of what indians were supposed to be, because he uses his connection with superman in power. Reading leads to the development of character. This is shown in the essay “Superman and me” by Sherman Alexie through the use of metaphor, imagery, and repetition. Sherman Alexie uses metaphor to explain how his childhood was and his life as a young indian boy on a small rez where everyone was stupid, but he had different views about life and knew he was…show more content…
He describes the books at their house by saying, “They were stacked in crazy piles in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room” (215). Which details how he learned to read despite having limited resources but only books that helped him to mature and be concerned to help others with his knowledge to be as great as him. Sherman Alexie knew he was different and that is why he never gave up even though he was viewed as an oddity. Knowing this stereotype motivated Alexie to become an exception to this rule. When he was adult he tries to make other students believe that they can make a difference by reading and opening their minds to the world. He says, “ I throw my weight against their locked doors” (217). This Creates a picture of him like a superman breaking the locked door which is the stereotype Indians who are expected to be stupid and save them from failure in life. By using imagery, he explains how reading can make you a hero with brilliant talents to be able to help others survive in life like superman who saves people’s
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