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Reading is not a simple phenomenon, but a very complex process. Widdowson (1979) has defined reading as “the process of getting linguistic information via print.”This is too general a statement. Jennings (1982:12), on the other hand has defined reading as “…The art of transmitting the ideas, facts and feelings from the mind and soul of an author to the mind and soul of the reader, with accuracy and understanding.”Goodman (1984:828) further states that in order to understand how reading works, it is important to examine the major purpose of reading.
The environment plays an important role in developing a child’s reading habits. Buss and Plomin (1975) and Carroll and Chall (1975) note that the child’s personality is shaped by many different
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It is predicted that 325 million individuals of 4.7 billion world’s population communicate in English as their local language, and 1.4 individuals are those whose official language is English language. This issue has incited a few looks into a scientist who bring up the issue that how much importance is being given to the student who are learning English as a second language, to influence them to take in the English language…show more content…
D) Language for which its speaker is more tended.
Students who have come to GGHS speak Panjabi as their mother tongue; therefore their concept and vocal cords are grown up and are modified according to Panjabi language. They are used to the Panjabi pronunciation, sound and also the perception of Panjabi language. To pronounce English sound and English language is a difficult for them.
Mother tongue too affects in reading English. They have heard, spoken and understand their mother language that is Panjabi .Now, to read, speak and understand English language is troublesome for them.
Most of the reading problems of students of GGHS School arise because of limited vocabulary as Grabe (1983) points out the second language readers “invoke a unique set of constraints,’ the most significant of which is that they can be assumed to have limited vocabulary.
However reading is not simple process as Huey in as far back as 1913 notes that”…. Until the insidious thought of reading as word pronunciation is well worked out of our heads, it is well to place the emphasis strongly where it really belongs, on reading as thought-getting, independently of

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