Reading Is Like A Mustard Spread Essay

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Reading is like a mustard seed: Your joy for it starts out small, but in dispensation of time, if you continue to water it, it grows to be a strong tree. I made an analogy between a mustard seed and reading because you may be someone that don’t like to read; however, reading must be taught no one is born loving or even knowing how to read. Therefore, since everyone is born illiterate, once you learn how to read you must cherish it as a gift because when you learn how to read you never will forget it. Although it seem as if you are illiterate, because you never pick up a book. A way to encourage good reading habits, pick books that fit your own interest. There’s no fun in reading books, if people pick books that they have no interest in. A love…show more content…
Reading delivers healthy benefits. It helps to keep your brain sharp, and studies show doing such a thing may reduce your risk of alzheimer. Studies have said “When you make connection, so does your brain, literally forging new pathways between regions in all 4 lobes and both the hemisphere”(Specktor). Which is why those who read a lot, experience quicker thinking skills, and good reading habits help you to become a more critical thinker. So when we read our brain make connections with what we read, and it open new regions in our brains that in the long run will make us more discern readers.. You ever read a book that you did not understand at all? Yes, I’m pretty sure we all have, but by engaging in this activity you will increase your comprehension. When you read just a little as 30 minutes, you stimulates your brain activity. Everyone should read because you will think and feel better. Although it may seem hard to discipline your brain, practice will make you perfect in what you do if you don’t give up. Building brain power is similar to building a muscle. Athletes have to exercise relentlessly before they see results; likewise, readers have to read relentlessly before they see

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