Reading Like A Writer: Paragraph Analysis

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Francine Prose Interesting Examples (Reading Like A Writer, pg 15) Even though there is a lot of reading to do for this class or any other thing, it is best to slow down and read each word for what it is worth. (pg 19) Skimming won’t give you all the details that the offer has intended. Each word provides a view into the writers language. (pg 28) It is difficult to understand certain writers if you aren 't paying close attention. Different jargon may be used, or it could have been written in a different time period which would make it harder. A change in a single word can really make a story one hundred percent different. (The Things They Carried,Pg 79) In the first reading, The Things They Carried, (Tim O’brien) if it were changed the story would be very different. One word or incorrect punctuation can change everything. For example, if the reading were called, “The Things They Left Behind”, it would have a sad twist…show more content…
If the boys were cutting them selves for example, you would believe that they had some sort of emotional side and that was the way they dealt with their feelings. If it would have said they were sleeping in those places, you would wonder if there was a reason they couldn’t sleep at home or if they were exhausted from a long day of being at school. It could have been said that they were making phone calls in said places. This could have meant they didn 't want their parents to know or possibly the other boy in the story to know. I was surprised with the direction the story went. But it was very vivd on the things that happened in the boys lives as they were growing up together. From the moments of harassing their sister to the wedding at the end. Time seemed to pass very quickly as they were in the house
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