Reading Literature Makes USarter Analysis

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In her report titled “Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer,” journalist Annie Murphy Paul claims that the experiences and mental capacities developed when one engages in deep reading, such as reading a novel, versus reading online are different. Murphy asserts that deep reading, such as reading fictional books, makes us socially and morally better. She presents evidence based on research in the field of cognitive science that concludes that deep reading, through its use of vivid details and elaborate plots, allows readers to be more empathetic to others and more understanding. Therefore, this essay will explore the differences and similarities between deep reading versus reading online, whether or not reading can make us smarter or…show more content…
I tend to read online simply to gather facts or information. In contrast, I read books for enjoyment and to engage myself mentally. I agree that you can get some enjoyment from reading both novels and online; however, deep reading books tends to build a deeper, more intimate connection with my mind and is more thought provoking. I believe that both reading traditional novels and reading online can make us smarter but not necessarily nicer. Through reading we are able to gain knowledge about anything and apply this knowledge in reality. We can enlighten ourselves with information but without it we are stuck in dark. In regards to whether reading makes us nicer, I do not think there is a way to prove that because a person’s morals have a lot to do with their upbringing and personality. Based on the information previously stated, most educators would more like be a proponent of deep reading as opposed to reading online because deep reading is more thought provoking, there are less distractions, and deep reading allows us to use are imagination more through its use of details and metaphors. In conclusion, both deep reading and online reading can make us smarter but the experiences and mental capacities developed from
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