Benefit Of Reading Literature Essay

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Reading literature is a common requirement in school systems at all levels of education. It wouldn’t be so widely accepted or required if there were no benefits to reading. The establishment of English as a subject was one of the main catalysts of implementing common school education (Applebee). By ‘throwing off preparatory school functions,’ English as a subject and more specifically reading literature in schools would lead to tipping the balance toward more modern schooling and making education more available/accessible to the everyday person (Applebee). Reading literature can lower stress levels, promote critical thinking, and increases success in all other subjects. Reading has always been a great way to escape the real world. Picking up an old book conjures feelings of warmth and familiarity, it in some ways feels like catching up with an old friend. At the same time, new books are magical and exciting as they feel like you’re discovering a new, unexplored world. In my experience, the best part about reading literature has always been reflecting on what I read after I read it, as often I find that I’ve learned much more than I first imagined I could from the reading. Some pieces of literature force you to dig deeper in order to glean any real significance out of them, some…show more content…
Many researchers cite that readers ‘might ask if treatment itself or unmeasured variables produce [the results of the study]’ as one of the possible limitations of their studies (Behar-Horenstein and Nui). Nonetheless, it is clear that, whether or not they are unique, the advantages of reading literature are numerous and imperative to acquire. While reading literature is a stress reducer and promotes critical thinking, its primary function is to provide the foundation for education in all
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