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In recent times, motivation has a role in engaging students in reading activities. The problem of reading has been reported for the past decades and needs more improvement to students to succeed. The reading motivation of English learners is known relatively has decreased today. Reading motivation is the motivational drive to read, an area of interest in the field of education. Studying and implementing the conditions under which students are motivated to read is important in the process of teaching and fostering learning change from extrinsic to intrinsic reading motivation. Therefore, reading motivation are the processes to put more effort on reading activities.
Researchers have identified a number of factors important to reading motivation,
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The first is Students' self-concepts and the value they place on reading are critical to their success (Gambrell, Palmer, Coddling, and Mazzoni, 1996). And in a recent study of self- concept about reading and the value of reading, gender differences were identified as early as third grade. The second Choice is widely acknowledged as a method for enhancing motivation. Allowing young children to make even a minimal task choice increased learning of the task and enhanced subsequent interest in the activity (Cordova & Lepper, 1996; Iyengar & Lepper, 1999). The third is Read-aloud and discussion are effective ways to engage in mastery modeling. Read-aloud allows teachers to model important reading strategies and behaviors. According to McGee & Richgels (2003), teacher read alouds can be used to promote deeper understanding and interpretation of text; allow children to take an active role in understanding text; and prompt children to begin using mental activities that will become automatic as they begin reading independently. The fourth is Providing balanced book…show more content…
al (2013), this study overviews current research on the role of motivation in second or foreign language learning. It deals with the meaning of motivation from different views, and the scope of motivation within the context of language learning. It also deals with the role of motivation in developing language skills, specially reading and writing. It also shows the relationship between gender differences, learning strategies, teachers, and materials with the concept of motivation. Finally, it concludes that motivation has an influential role in all aspects of language

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