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Reading Response 2: A Documentary History of Art The narrative of art that Lorenzo Ghiberti tells in “The Second Commentary” is how the Christian faith was victorious in the time of Emperor Constantine and Pope Sylvester’s reign (152). But the decline of art began, when statutes of idols were destroyed and broken into pieces and that all ancient customs stop and temples were to made of all white (153). If anyone, made any statue or picture, they would suffer severe punishment (153). This form of punishment was created so that idol gods and people were not worshipped. This, in Ghiberti’s opinion ended the paintings of art and the teachings of art and sculpture for over six hundred years (153). He felt as though they created the art of paintings and sculpture that lack the little intensity of strength and the people that were sculptured were painted with such roughness and crudeness (153). But, he does deny the ancients (Greeks), he states that they were very skillful in their craft (153). But, the rise of art and sculpture began during Christianity period and It was when Cimabue, one of the greatest painters from Florence took a young boy under his wing by…show more content…
Antonio Maneti has a different version of a story, and events. Maneti states that both Filippo and Lorenzo’s artwork were both great pieces of artwork, but when it came to decide who would do the bronze doors, the committee of judges wanted Filippo and Lorezeno to share the work instead (176). But, Filippo would not agree to the work unless all the work was his, he did not want to share the work with another artist (176). The commission even threatened, to give the project to Lorenzo, if he did not consider. But, Filippo did The judges decided that they would grant Filippo his wish and this is how he was granted the commission of the bronze doors of the
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