How To Write An Essay About Reading Skills

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Reading Skills for Content Subjects
As a professional in English teaching, I have received a lot of training about the importance of the use of reading strategies and helping students to develop their reading skills. I consider this topic of a great importance not only for learning a second language but also for our daily activities. However, I have noticed that my students just relate reading strategies to second language learning and do not consider it useful for other aspects. Consequently, now that I have had the possibility to teach Social Studies in a second language, I have taken the time to show my students that reading skills are very useful for other subjects and their daily life. According to Jones and Lapham (2004), “ Social studies can provide interesting material to read. Consequently, a skillful social studies teacher can provide related activities to reinforce learning for the struggling reader.” That is why I decided to employ different reading strategies in my Social Studies class. So far, the implementation of the reading strategies has been succesful. Actually, my
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First of all pre reading strategies help to stimulate their prior knowledge about a topic and involve the students in the themes before they even open the book. The while-reading strategies help the students to monitor their comprehension in the moment of reading. Besides, activities like asking questions and explaing key ideas help them to engage with the text. Finally, the post reading activities help them to organize the informations, clarify doubts, and respond to what was read. In conclusion, I think that the use of reading strategies in my class is helping my students to become independent readers that know that reading is reading is an active process that involves critical thought before, during, and after engaging the

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