Functional Reading Skills Essay

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7 Most reading instruction in elementary and secondary school is very focused on the understanding of the text and even in the new words or vocabulary build up. From that sense, interventions are needed by the students (Burns, Hodgson, Parker, & Fremont, 2011). The success of students in any field of acquiring skills specifically in reading can be determined through students’ motivation which could possibly be obtained by the teachers’ attitude and capability in constructing a program beneficial for each student but when teachers fail to maintain good attitude towards students then low-motivated learners are expected to fail in comprehending or understanding any form of a given printed materials Nilsen (2009). Morgan & Fuchs, 2007 emphasized that teachers must look for techniques or develop strategies to help students who are at…show more content…
If readers use these skills effectively they would probably be able to understand the content of the text given to them. Variables such as reading attitude, reading purpose, prior knowledge about the text, textual structure, vocabulary knowledge; comprehension are considered as keys to the success of the reading process (Yıldırım, 2010). Ogle and Correa-Kovtun (2010) stressed the importance of teaching functional reading skills to language learners for they comprise almost 30% of the public students. Confucius (500 B.C) founded the epistemology of this research. His ideology of synchronization between the heart and mind when a person will try to discover new knowledge has a direct impact to cognitive and affective aspects of study. He also advocated for the cultivation of the person through the mind for the betterment of society and interventions he designed to accelerate deficient students in preparation for their lifelong

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