Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cooperative Learning English Language Essay

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Today’s life the English language is developing fast. It is affecting various sides of our life step by step, day by day. It isn’t unusual condition, because we came across this world language every moment. So, learning English perfectly is demand of our period. We know that the English language includes several parts. One of these important parts is reading skill. We can achieve successes in learning foreign languages by using appropriate and comfortable reading strategies. It helps us understand the main meaning of the whole texts or books and have appropriate learning methods. There are different reading methods and strategies to learn foreign languages, especially English in educational system of the world. As I said, when we use them, we have a lot of opportunities. Not only it is comfortable, but also solution for our weak sides. It isn’t surprising condition or event. By using reading instruction with…show more content…
Post-reading is an effective strategy that can take many different forms. [ 3.Bonnie, Nancy Johnson, and Katherine Schlick Noe. Literature Circles and Response. Norwood, Ma.: Christopher Gordon Publishers, 1995.] Cooperative learning is a strategy that exploits student interest, decreases class strains, and encourages student learning. Naturally, students work or learner in groups of four. If they plan to use cooperative learning regularly in classes, they should arrange their classroom to facilitate in different small groups. There are some examples for students how to work supportively to learn more about strategies of action. They are: • Each group uses plot diagram of plot to detect and condense a stage of plot development. It is a beginner step of strategies. • Each group should have a good communication with teachers. During the lessons numerous questions are discussed. It is very essential for growth in English. • If each member of groups analyses results which he or she did, it helps to develop weak sides

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