Reading Summary: A Buddhism Experience

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Reading Summary – A Buddhism Experience
For my Reading Summary assignment, I chose an article from our Week Six readings, “Buddhism; An Introduction,” featured on PBS Online. It is believed that the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama, who ultimately created a kind and introspective religion, came from an unlikely family who enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle and whose father was an Indian warrior-king. Guatama lived from approximately 566 to 480 B.C. He sought to understand the true meaning of the world that he lived in only after becoming uninterested with the indulgences of his majestic existence. He set out on a journey, sans the accouterments of his imperial life, and through his experiences of “encountering an old man, an ill man,
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Rather than karma being portrayed as one’s predetermined fate, the Buddhists view of karma is how one lives their life – how one lives by good actions or bad actions. The way a Buddhist lives their life is pivotal when it comes to reincarnation. A Buddhist may be reborn into fortunate realms or unfortunate realms, with the highest realm of rebirth being the realm of man which provides additional opportunity for a Buddhist to achieve a state of Nirvana or enlightenment.
I have had various religious experiences in my life. I was christened at age 10 as a Lutheran. I investigated the Mormon religion while I was in high school (dating a Mormon girl). I was Saved by the Lord in a church in Dallas, Texas, and was subsequently baptized in the Baptist church, in my twenties. I now attend the United Methodist church, near my home in San Antonio.
However, I have been intrigued by the Buddhist religion. My interest was spurred by the fact that my brother converted to Buddhism some years ago. I have visited the Buddhist Temple of San Antonio and have attended services there. The things that the Monk and the worshipers did and said followed along the same lines as described in the article I reviewed – relieve yourself of worry, honor and improve yourself, it is better to give than to receive, treat others with respect no matter the interaction, keep an open
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