Reading: The Four Process Of Reading Comprehension

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Reading is a skill that teachers expect learners to acquire because reading is one of the four major skills that students have to be mastered. Students can learn many things through reading. In other words, the more they read, the more knowledge they get; hence, a strong correlation between reading and academic success is shown. The act of reading cannot be separated from comprehension. The students cannot achieve their academic success without comprehending what they read. In comprehending texts, the students should be monitored by their teachers; hence the way to teach comprehension should be monitored by their teachers. Teaching comprehension is an activity to teach the students to be good comprehended through some steps: selecting a text, explaining the strategy, modeling the strategy, guiding support, practicing independently and reflecting. Therefore, it can be concluded the reading comprehension is a long process.
Moreover, in order to improve English skills and to get the information, students need to comprehend reading texts well. The reading comprehension is one of reading goal. Linse (2005) points out that comprehension is the main purpose of reading. To comprehend a reading text is also one of reading basic competence that should be acquired by the students. The process of reading comprehension is not easy. It has process and level that should be accomplished. There are seven steps in reading. The steps are recognition, assimilation, intra integration, extra

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