Reading: The Importance Of Reading Today

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When you open a book and read its contents, that’s only one example of reading. Though the most common example, literature is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the importance of reading today. Reading is the foundation of interpretation, comprehension and decision making -- life skills that determine how one will fair in society. Whether it’s through analyzing a politician’s agenda or doing your taxes, the foundational skill of reading taught to students is the most important aspect to helping people grow. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck may have seemed useless to a student traversing the minefield of school as an oily teenager, but even then, the knowledge and experiences of reading begins…show more content…
However, it takes on a new form in decision-making that still proves to be the most crucial aspect of life. From comparing the advantages and disadvantages of colleges and careers to even deciding on a new political party to follow, reading takes center stage as the main factor. Nowadays, it is a common occurance to hear the phrase “Millenials are ruining everything,” referencing the newest generation’s rejection of certain industries such as diamonds and paper towels. However, Millenials are not refusing to buy diamonds in favor of other products, but because they have access to the internet and vast streams of knowledge that teach them about the negatives of the diamond industry. In other words, Millenials have taken advantage of the knowledge at their fingertips and read into the tragedies of blood diamonds in Sierra Leone in order to make a decision not to support such crimes. This is just one example of the importance of reading in the decision-making process that is changing the world in big ways. By reading not just the opinions in a politically charged article but the actions of a person, one is able to use a simple life skill picked up in elementary school to make an impact. This is why certain occupations such as social work and forensics are important in society. Each career takes clues given in someone’s personality or even a crime scene to create a bigger picture, just like when a student takes specific words or language in a story to find its overarching motif or theme. Just because reading is not bound to the pages of a book does not mean it does not exist in every job or in every life in

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